Invisalign Treatment for Crossbite Correction in Long Beach, CA

A crossbite is a dental problem in which the upper and lower teeth are not aligned. This can cause problems with chewing and speaking. Invisalign can help fix crossbites by moving the teeth into their correct positions. It can also improve the way your teeth look. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal braces. It uses clear plastic aligners that are custom-fit to your teeth. The aligners are made of BPA-free plastic and are removable. They can be removed to eat or brush your teeth. No wires or brackets can irritate the inside of your mouth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign allows you to eat what you like and gives you more freedom than traditional braces.


What are the dangers of an Untreated Crossbite?

If left untreated, crossbites can lead to serious oral health problems. Teeth that have moved into abnormal positions can be harder to clean, which increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You may develop problems with your jaw joint and facial muscles if you have an unaligned bite. This can lead to chronic pain in the face and jaw area. Crossbites can also cause speech problems because they make it harder to pronounce certain words. Visible misalignment of the teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile.

How are crossbites developed?

Crossbites can develop at any age but are most common in children and teenagers. They can also be caused by thumb-sucking or prolonged use of pacifiers. Some people are born with crossed bites, while others develop them later in life. Specific tooth abnormalities may also contribute to the development of crossbites.

Tooth overcrowding is another common cause of crossbite. When your teeth are crowded together, it can be difficult for your jaws to close correctly. This causes some of your front teeth to shift to the side and can create an imbalance in your bite. In some cases, the jaw position may not be the problem. In some cases, we may recommend repositioning the upper jaw as a treatment option.

Can Invisalign Fix A Crossbite?

Yes! Invisalign can reposition the misaligned teeth into their proper position. Once your teeth are in their new positions, they will remain stable during the next phase of treatment. We will create a treatment plan that is based on your unique needs. For example, some people have more extensive corrections than others. We will map out a treatment plan based on your individual case. We may also recommend a series of follow-up visits to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

How Long Does Invisalign Take for a Crossbite?

The length of your treatment will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of correction that you need and the severity of your condition. In most cases, treatment with Invisalign takes about a year to complete. Some patients may need slightly longer treatments. In these cases, we will extend the treatment time if necessary. Our goal is always to give you a beautiful and healthy smile with minimal discomfort.

Benefits of Invisalign for Crossbites

There are many benefits to using Invisalign to treat crossbites. Unlike traditional braces, which can be challenging to clean and maintain, Invisalign aligners are removable. This makes it easier for you to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Eating and cleaning your teeth with Invisalign is also easier than traditional braces. And unlike metal braces, which are bulky and noticeable, Invisalign is practically invisible!

The Treatment Process 

The steps involved in receiving Invisalign treatment for a crossbite depend on several factors, including the severity of your case and other factors. In most cases, the first phase of treatment is the creation of your custom aligner trays. These trays will be custom-designed to fit over your teeth and gently shift them into the correct position. In the second phase of treatment, you will need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day to move your teeth into their correct positions. Once you reach your goal, you will wear your aligners only at night to keep your new smile looking great. Your final set of aligners will usually remain in place for a minimum of three weeks before you move on to the next stage of treatment. After your last trays are installed, you can schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that your teeth have fully settled into their new positions.

Invisalign vs. Braces for a Crossbite

Invisalign and braces are both effective ways to correct a crossbite. However, you should be aware of some differences between these treatment options before making a decision. The most significant difference between Invisalign and braces is how each treats your teeth. With braces, we will place brackets and wires around your teeth. These components will then be tightened at regular intervals to move your teeth into their proper position.

In contrast, Invisalign uses a set of clear aligners to gently shift your teeth into place over several months. The aligners fit snugly over your teeth so that you can wear them throughout the day without any difficulty. As you replace each aligner in the series with the next one, your teeth will gradually move into their correct positions.

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